The Seventy-four Ranch is a working ranch comprised of 50+ rolling acres situated on beautiful pastureland with spectacular mountain views.  The pond provides a great place for some quiet afternoon fishing.  If you want to cool off, you can dangle your feet in Scarecorn Creek, which surrounds the ranch and is filled with private beaches and small islands for your adventures. Here at the Seventy-four Ranch we raise Texas Longhorn cattle, Corriente cattle, and quarter horses, among other typical farm animals.  There are usually any number of baby animals at a given time that children especially enjoy. The Seventy-four Ranch allows you to get up close and personal with nature and the way cowboys lived over 100 years ago.  Learn to rope and ride and sing to the little doggies.  You can become part of a “cattle drive” or help with branding. You will soak up a sense of genuine Western history while you experience the legends of the Cape family and their involvement in the Moonshine Wars of North Georgia. You are welcome to browse our Western library and relax with a book on the history of the Old West, Civil War, Indians, horses and the like, in addition to modern selections Come visit us and enjoy rocking on the back porch, listen to music, or head for the swings in the party wellhouse. There are beautiful places here to nap, daydream, or read. If it’s raining or too cold, then head to the cowboy saddlehouse with its game table (and selection of games and cards for your pleasure) and warm up with a roaring fire. Make friends with the cattle and horses who can come up close by to the fence for a visit and a rub.

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