JD Ranch is an animal-assisted therapy ranch the North Georgia Mountains, outside of Blairsville, dedicated to providing an atmosphere and resources to promote healing, courage, and hope. There are so many people who can benefit from the therapeutic value that our animals have to offer. The Dream is Building Champions of; Persons with disabilities by allowing them to experience agility, mobility, and strength vicariously through the animals. Those disconnected from society who have a need to gradually reconnect through animals. Veterans of war, for example oftentimes find it beneficial to spend time on the ranch before jumping back into society. Anyone who is looking for a therapeutic way to de-stress, relax, heal or find inspiration. Our goal is to provide a variety of activities, amenities and resources for all who come to the ranch, including individuals who need therapy, as well as friends and families who come along to support them.


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507 Smoke Rise Ridge Blairsville, GA 30512

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