Locally Sourced & Inspired Cuisine

Whether you’re a hard-core “locavore” or a slow-food aficionado, you’ll find area chefs embrace “nearer is dearer” when it comes to sourcing ingredients.

Anyone worth their chef’s whites will tell you that there’s simply no beating locally-sourced provisions. The challenge, they say, is finding that elusive, steady source of heirloom vegetables, stone-ground grains and locally grazed meats. Fortunately, chefs along the North Georgia Farm Trail are blessed with an abundance of small, local producers who are passionate about providing farm-fresh foodstuffs — natural ingredients that form the core of classic Southern dishes as well as regional offerings with a twist!

Here, farm-to-table restaurants plan their seasonal menus around what’s fresh and flavorful. Many have also started their own gardens, pulling veggies and herbs just moments before you spear them with your fork. It might be a bit of sourwood honey in a glaze or the kick of local apple brandy in a bread pudding. In many cases, the farm-to-table experience is enhanced by unique settings or historically significant buildings.