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Take a Ride on the Trail!

“Agritourism” is one of those fascinating phrases. It only recently entered our vocabulary. Yet, it really is just a new word for an old idea … getting back in touch with the land that sustains us.

Agritourism means many things to many people. For some, it’s about waking at dawn to help a farmer with the harvest. For others, it simply means savoring a local Chardonnay at a scenic winery, or buying produce at a farmers market.

The great news is that agritourism is all of that — and more! Whether it’s popping a just-picked berry in your mouth or marveling at thousands of splashing fingerlings in a trout hatchery, the common denominator is that “agri-adventures” help us reconnect with the land.

We hope that you have the time of your life as you explore the new North Georgia Farm Trail. Eat, drink, stay, experience — and maybe even get a little dirt on your knees. Whatever you do, savor the experience!

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  1. Go to the map page and search for the type of listing and location using the filters at the bottom of that page. You can then click on a "tractor" icon to see the listing in the box at the left, or click to open the tab on the right side of the map page to see all the results listed.
  2. Click on a type of listing in the menu at the top to see all the available "agritourism" spots in North Georgia (for all 4 counties - Gilmer, Fannin, Union & Towns).
  3. Enter a search term at the top of the page.